Craig Box's journeys, stories and notes...

About me

I describe myself on LinkedIn as a "technologist with a solid grounding in desktop and server administration across multiple operating systems. Familiar with a wide range of hardware and software across the commercial and open-source spectrum. Interested in marketing, especially as related to technology. Experience in senior and administrative positions, both in workplaces and other groups".  I go on to suggest I am "looking for opportunities that allow me to combine my excellent communication skills and love of dealing with customers, with my technical background and ability to confidently interact with developers, programmers and engineers".

That doesn't fit into 140 characters, so on Twitter, I describe myself as a "digital factotum".  I like the sound of that.  I like the sound of "expert generalist" too.

I was once described as the most honest IT person that (the customer) had ever met.

My mum describes me as "a nice young man".

I grew up around New Zealand before settling in Hamilton in 1990.  I went to school and university there, and worked at IT Partners, a premium outsourcing company, for almost 5 years, building before heading off to see the world.

I spent two years working at Coreworx in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, revolutionising the installation and deployment of their document management product, including secondments to Fortune 500 companies in the US.  Those customers miss me.

I'm now working as the IT Architect at the Symbian Foundation in London, England, responsible for designing and building a next generation IT environment, including a cutting-edge hosting infrastructure.

I toyed with working in commercial radio before deciding to go into an IT career. I still have a passion for event management, music and radio, and may one day put my big DJ voice on again!