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A Windows bug that should never have been allowed to happen

This is a simple one, and I only hope it is fixed in Vista (I haven't yet got it installed on a machine; the key that MSDN gave me was a 'home edition' key. I assume I'd rather have an Ultimate Edition so I can run Aero? Please update me if I am wrong here).

Why is it, when I have a mounted network drive F, and local disks C, D and E, and I insert a piece of removable media, such that it gets mounted on drive letter F, does it mount it anyway, and not pay attention to the fact that the drive letter is in use?

You plug your digital camera in and then you can't use it until you unmount your F: drive (which you don't think to do) or you change which drive letters it uses in compmgmt.msc (which you don't KNOW to do). So into your IT professional it comes...


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  1. [...] To follow up to my previous post, Vista Beta 2 still has my pet bug - if you assign a network drive an early letter (such as E or F) , and then plug in a removable drive, it will often get allocated a letter that is already in use. [...]

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  3. Brenda says:

    there must be a place *somewhere* that you can map device ids to drive letters? a windows equiv of /etc/fstab ??

  4. Craig says:

    You can edit them in Computer Management (right click My Computer/Manage), but I don't think the database is able to be edited directly.

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