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FTA digital TV announced

The NZ Government have announced free to air digital TV will be phased in from next year. Now, all you need is a DVB-S card and MythTV. Did you know New Zealand had a MythTV users list? There is also lots of useful information at the KnoppMyth wiki page for NZ and, of course, the WLUG wiki.

Update: TVNZ and BCL both have press releases out. The content will not be encrypted, but the technology hasn't been anounced - probably not HDTV.

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3 Responses to “FTA digital TV announced”

  1. Ian McDonald says:

    One nice thing about this is that according to this article,2106,3701756a28,00.html there will be an electonic program guide (EPG). Now lets hope that this is freely accessible and if only Sky would join in too....

  2. Craig says:

    The Sky EPG is currently freely accessible - I believe the standard doesn't really support encrypting that data. I have no reason to believe the FTA EPG should be anything but freely accessible too.

  3. Juha says:

    DVB-T would work too, at least in the cities. TVNZ has had trials going for a while in Auckland.

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