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Left out in the .NET cold

Hey, if Juha's blog is a NZ .NET blog, then dammit, I ought to be one too. Vote for me! I have a Smartphone, and wrote a program in C# once!

On that note, did you hear I wrote a program in C# once? Mostly while watching one-day cricket last summer, in fact. It progressed really well, and seemed like it would fill a need - it does profile management for Windows 2000/XP machines. I learnt a lot on the go, and got it to the point where I didn't think that I would be able to go much further without peer review.

So, I released it, and posted about it to some newsgroups. And got no feedback. Not one. Not a sausage.

Since then, I've actually gone to run it once, and found that it didn't actually work on .NET 1.1 - even though I'd deliberately eschewed nice new 2.0-only classes and done things The Hard Way for maximum compatibility, because I'd used Visual Studio Express 2005, it used 2.0 by default. I found out how to fix that, but by that time, it was quicker to fix the profiles manually.

I don't really enjoy programming the way that my programmer friends do. If I had a Windows programmer buddy to help me with the details and motivate me, then the Windows sysadmins of this world could end up with a pretty cool tool. So, 1. I think this post must make my blog the best .NET blog in NZ (cough cough) and 2. if anyone out there wants to help out with a useful C# project for Windows sysadmins, please comment below.

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2 Responses to “Left out in the .NET cold”

  1. Javier says:

    I have also programs in C# with the Framework 2.0 and 1.1. The program is for communicating computers and one thing of publicity (i dont know the name in english sorry) with the serial port. it was with one dll in 1.1 and in 2.0 it´s only 3 lines!!!!! The serial port is very easy in 2.0

  2. Juha says:

    Is it? I had no idea... OMG, there it is. !!!

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