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Exipick, and importing Apache certificates into IIS

Greig's cool find of the day:

Exim comes with a script called exipick, which lets you see just the parts of the mail queue that match a particular pattern. ie. we want to get notified of messages that are queued on a backup MX, but aren't just bounces to fake addresses that will eventually time out:

exipick '!$local_error_message'

Which makes looking at mail queues much easier:

root@elston:~# exipick | wc -l
root@elston:~# exipick '!$local_error_message' | wc -l

My find is a little less interesting, and a little more "just googled it", but if you have certificates in Apache crt/key format, and you want to import them into IIS, you can
do so with openssl:

/etc/ssl/ openssl pkcs12 -export -out site.p12 -inkey site.key -in site.crt

Read more at Michael's meanderings, including about the useful SSLDiag utility.

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