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Ubuntu Edgy released, foibles and all

I got a birthday present on Friday in the form of a new Ubuntu release, Edgy Eft. I downloaded the 6.10 ISO and promptly burned the 6.06 ISO to CD, only noticing when I got it home. Oh well, several hundred megs of downloads later...

Some notes:

  • Due to a change in Python packaging policy, python2.4-module packages are deprecated in favour of python-module packages that have an X-Python-Version field in their control file.
  • If you get a black screen & crash testing the beta NVIDIA driver, you probably need to edit /etc/modules and remove the eeprom driver. Found on the official NVIDIA Linux forum.

Beryl, the community Compiz fork, is, well, "a little over the top". After figuring out the settings to subdue it a little bit, I've got it usable. The settings dialog could do with a lot of love however, so anyone who is interested in UI and has free time (unfortunately I only currently hit one out of two) might like to volunteer to help.

I leave with a little laugh (courtesy of Jorge Bernal):

Bill Gates recommending Ubuntu

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