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T9 dictionary editor for a Smartphone

I have problems with my T9 on my Smartphone. For example, it seems to like the word "diem1t" rather than "didn't". Someone must have written a dictionary editor, right?

  • Pocket PC dictionary editor - runs on the device, but doesn't want to run on my iMate SP5 (crashes with an exception).
  • T9 Editor - doesn't like the T9AW.UDB my phone has (crashes with an exception).
  • msT9ed - also doesn't support the new format, but loads it with some weird looking data.

In other news, shareware authors could do to handle exceptions better.

Any suggestions?

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One Response to “T9 dictionary editor for a Smartphone”

  1. Liz says:

    If you find one let me know, previous owner of my imate entered a lot of gibberish text speak, and for some reason its always the preferred entry before the ACTUAL dictionary.
    yous != your

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