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New NetworkManager PPTP package (fixes AMD64 crashes)

(Updated updated update: historical information only; blog posts from 2007 are rarely relevant in 2011.)

I've built a new Ubuntu package of the PPTP plugin for NetworkManager, from a recent SVN checkout. It closes some bugs, and hopefully solves a number of other issues with the stability of the program.

Download links removed; if you're still running Edgy or Feisty, you should really upgrade.

I will rely on comments here to gauge the success of this version, and if it works well, I'll get it uploaded for Gutsy, and possibly push for an -updates release.

Thanks to Ed Schofield for pointing out I'd only linked to i386 packages, and compiling me an AMD64 package. He reports it clears up the segfault. Andrew Mitchell also contributed an AMD64 Edgy deb.

If you've come here from Launchpad, welcome, and please take the time to have a read around. I sometimes post about interesting stuff.

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9 Responses to “New NetworkManager PPTP package (fixes AMD64 crashes)”

  1. Brenda says:

    yay.. this was the only problem i had with feisty.. so YAY!

  2. TonyS says:

    Argh.. thanks so much for trying, but sadly this hasn't affected my problem at all (

    Its so strange, it worked for a week after I installed then just died.

    I've hunted high and low for some info on the meaning of "Terminating on Signal 15"... anyone know?

    Meantime, back to XP I must go... argh!

    Cheers from New Zealand,


  3. TonyS says:


    Here's the moment of death...

    May 14 21:42:24 tony-laptop pptp[6886]: anon log[ctrlp_rep:pptp_ctrl.c:251]: Sent control packet type is 7 'Outgoing-Call-Request'
    May 14 21:42:24 tony-laptop pptp[6886]: anon log[ctrlp_disp:pptp_ctrl.c:857]: Received Outgoing Call Reply.
    May 14 21:42:24 tony-laptop pptp[6886]: anon log[ctrlp_disp:pptp_ctrl.c:896]: Outgoing call established (call ID 0, peer's call ID 14080).
    May 14 21:42:27 tony-laptop pppd[6881]: sent [LCP ConfReq id=0x1 ]
    May 14 21:42:33 tony-laptop last message repeated 2 times
    May 14 21:42:34 tony-laptop pppd[6881]: Terminating on signal 15
    May 14 21:42:34 tony-laptop pppd[6881]: sent [LCP TermReq id=0x2 "User request"]
    May 14 21:42:34 tony-laptop pptp[6886]: anon log[callmgr_main:pptp_callmgr.c:255]: Closing connection (shutdown)
    May 14 21:42:34 tony-laptop pptp[6886]: anon log[ctrlp_rep:pptp_ctrl.c:251]: Sent control packet type is 12 'Call-Clear-Request'
    May 14 21:42:34 tony-laptop pptp[6886]: anon log[call_callback:pptp_callmgr.c:78]: Closing connection (call state)

    So, something it doesn't like in this line:-

    sent [LCP ConfReq id=0x1 ]




  4. kalyp says:

    thanks for the package!
    However, if I understood correctly, there's still nothing available for AMD64 - edgy? no way to fix the AMD64 bug for edgy users?

  5. octoberdan says:

    Fantastic work! Thank you! Completely saved my arse. Push for gutsy, push for gutsy! Not only has this helped me out, but I think it's about to help a friend of mine out too. Delicioused it 🙂

  6. DanE says:

    Sweet! Thank you!!!! It fixed by segfault on AMD64 problem.

    Now I just have a problem where it won't save my password... I can live with it though!

  7. MoSeri says:

    Super! You are putting an end to 3 days of struggle trying to setup a VPN connection with a newly installed Feisty on AMD64. Your package works like a breeze! Thank you so much 🙂

  8. Morteza says:

    I couldn't get this file . Got this error while to download it
    The requested URL /~crb/nm/feisty/ was not found on this server.
    please new link

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