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Hello from Cambridge

Hello everyone from "sunny" Cambridge, England.

Leaving New Zealand was a bit of a mission - packing always seems to take longer than you think it will. Especially if you're moving house at the same time! There was a lot of "this pile for now, this pile for later", and much more humour in counting of socks than I thought possible. After taking my "this pile for now" pile and cutting it in half, I was done, and only 90 minutes after we were supposed to leave for Auckland.

I wanted to buy a camera bag at Auckland duty free - not even booze or cigarettes, mind you - but by the time I'd picked one and waited in line for 3 mins, they told me I couldn't as my plane was boarding. So, if I was late on the plane (and there may have been some running to the gate), blame Regency! (The camera bag was $24.95 in Auckland and is £24.95 in a store here, so I might just wait a while.)

Cambridge houseSam and Zoe picked us up from Heathrow, and along with my friends Tom and Brendon, I've hired a house for a week. We're settled in nicely and uploaded some pictures.

There has been some concern we might be six feet underwater; it's been overcast, but as Dave Dobbyn says, "otherwise fine". We even went to a barbeque on Saturday evening. It's definitely summer here.

I have a temporary UK cellphone number - +44 7884 498 952. Please use this instead of my NZ number until further notice. Also, if you feel like catching up via Skype, I am crb-nz, and will be online every now and then.


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