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New York - Day 5

The American Museum of Natural History is full of mystery and wonder. Or at least, big-ass turtles and dinosaurs!

Fern tickling the turtle Craig and triceratops

Cool things we found in the museum:

There were more shiny rocks than you could shake a stick at.

Spectacular.Missing link, with short person for height comparison

Azurite and malachiteMars Rover

A must-do while in New York is a Yankees game. This is the final year for the famous Yankee Stadium, workplace of George Costanza, with its famous bat-shaped-chimney. They're building a new stadium in a park across the street, and then demolishing the old one to replace the park!

Yankee StadiumYankee glove

Yankee StadiumBroken bat!

I like baseball, because it's a little like Twenty20 cricket. Except it's a lot colder. Dinner at baseball is hot dog and fries (it's the rules), which requires up to 20 minutes of hard core queuing. The Yankees won 6-1 and we headed back home by the subway.

In today's gallery, we bring you lots of pictures of shiny things and action baseball shots.


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