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Welcome to 2009

Hi, everybody.

New Year's Day in the park New Year's Day - Fern in the snow

2008 was a year full of adventures that felt like they required large amounts of writing to do them justice, and then further adventures that it seemed silly to document when I hadn't finished the first set, and so on and so forth.  Our 10 days in New York became 8 days of blog posts and then writer's block.  I wrote on Day 8 that the next band on my "must see before I they die" list was Pink Floyd, and what do you know, there goes that idea.  I tried not to feel responsible!

Behind finishing those two days, I've been on a number of trips (some with Fern, some for work), and seen a number of great bands (two nights of Crowded House, Liam Finn, R.E.M., James, Nine Inch Nails, Barenaked Ladies and Oasis).  Many of those links lead to Flickr galleries with much better photos than I could ever hope to take at a gig, so these days I don't even bother taking my camera.  Although you can't beat up-close-and-personal like this.

So, in the spirit of e-mail bankruptcy, I'm starting fresh.  This is 2009.  I'll write about it as I see fit.  Mum will be happy.  Anyone who enjoys my little technical tidbits will be happy, as they will probably resume again.  And I'll just write stuff down for the sake of it being written, rather than feeling beholden to the immense responsibility of summarizing every event.

Which leads to my first Crowdsourced Question of 2009: I currently use Gallery (1) for photos, and I'm starting to think someone like Picasa Web or Flickr would be a better choice.  To anyone who has or had their own Gallery - what do you recommend?  Facebook integration would be nice, as would being able to caption/edit everything locally and then push them out to the 'web.

And who authorized moving the Bit In The Middle party?


2 Responses to “Welcome to 2009”

  1. Kyle Carter says:

    Flickr is great.. well, it is pretty good currently.

    Im not sure how long it will last as yahoo seems as though they could be in a downward spiral.

    I wouldnt use it for a permanent archive for your photos.. but for showing to people its great.. and the api allows you to interact with the site in fantastic ways.

    who says BITM moved.. maybe it is now officially "The party previously named the bit in the middle party"

  2. Craig says:

    Then someone authorized cancelling it 🙂

    We always joked that if we left Nevada we'd need a covenant so we could still turn up in December and put up a fence and a pool.

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