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Invention of the day

Run, run, as fast as you can, unless youre listening to slow jams.  This image uploaded to Flickr by user Courosa.

Running while listening to music is so much easier if your pace is the same as the beat of your music. Someone should make a treadmill with an iPod dock that detects the beat of whatever you're listening to, makes it humanly possible to run to (perhaps by halving or doubling it) and then sets the speed to the beat.

Then, your playlist can become your program. Want a hardcore workout, put on some dance music.  Feeling a bit tired, put on "Shine On You Crazy Diamond".

Image uploaded to Flickr by user 'Courosa'.


4 Responses to “Invention of the day”

  1. David Preece says:

    ....or it could run the other way round - the music plays to an externally set rate.

    • Craig says:

      Could indeed, but I like music at the pace it was recorded. The ZM radio station always used to offend my brain - it would speed its music up (maybe 5%), either to sound more up-beat, or to fit more ads in per hour!

  2. Greig says:

    Didn't this happen already? I thought somebody did this (though not with a treadmill, perhaps software for an ipod)? I'm sure I read it on digg about a year ago though I'm far too lazy to google.

  3. Craig says:

    It might have happened, but it hasn't happened to the treadmill in my apartment building's fitness room 🙂

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