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Some housekeeping

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

I'm going on a big trip in a few months, and figure it's a good time to start planning a bit more actively.

I've used the "Getting Things Done" methodology in my e-mail for a while (basically: your inbox should always be empty, you should have an "Action this" folder and a "Reference" folder, and you should either deal with an incoming e-mail immediately or file it into one of these two folders for later processing).Β  It seems like it might be fun to try it a bit more with the things I need to arrange before I go - you really do have to break things down into small steps when it's "move half way across the world for fun".Β  So I'm looking at Tracks, a GTD program written in Ruby on Rails.

Before setting this up though, I needed to play with my web host a little, so have categorized my posts to this site.Β  This crosses something off my aforementioned list-of-things-to-do, and also means that I will be a bit easier to read on, where I am now showing up.Β  Also, I'll probably do the whole Postcards from Uncle Travelling Matt thing, and I'm sure my Mum will find posts about Exim a bit over her head.

I've also seen a lot of people using Google Calendar, and now there is a way to get Thunderbird to use it directly, and you can publish stuff to the web in a neat fashion, I might see if it can arrange my trip for me.

Any other suggestions are welcome, bearing in mind I will need them to be easily accessible from anywhere.