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More random unfixed bugs: Big gray box on Java websites

One of the reasons I wanted to start blogging was to draw attention to random bugs that I've found and either only worked around or not fixed.

Today's bug-that-I-hoped-was-fixed: in the Sun JVM on Windows XP, (Update 6) or higher, if you try and go to a website that embeds Java, and get a big gray box instead of usefulness.

It is not fixed in In fact, it is marked WONTFIX. It would be fixed if Java was open source software, or if Microsoft and Sun were still friendly, co-operating companies. Unfortunately, neither of these things are currently true. Apparently Microsoft will address it in a cumulative update, sometime, if they feel like it. (Maybe it will be fixed in WinFS? *sting*)

Resolution: downgrade to And cry a little.

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