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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (previously Novell Linux Desktop, now "SLED") has released a public preview of version 10. Along with this are some preview videos.

I like what they've done with the main application starter menu, but I also like what Gimmie is doing in this area. Check out Alex Graveley's Gimmie GUADEC slides for some idea of the direction that launch panels might be going. If it gets combined with MacSlow's Cairo dock, we could see some excellent GNOME app launch/management lovin'.

Also, Ubuntu fits snugly on one CD. Why does SLED need five? Can I make do with just one?


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  1. Perry Lorier says:

    So, uhh, what ever happened to having screen shots? I don't want to have to sit through a video, I just want to see the highlights as it were!

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