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Free Ubuntu stickers for NZers

Powered by UbuntuThe fine folks at System76, who sell Ubuntu pre-installed on laptops, desktops and servers, have sent me a stash of "Powered by Ubuntu Linux" stickers, perfect for telling the world that even though your laptop, desktop or server might be Designed for Windows Vista, it's powered by the penguin.

To receive four stickers, send a self addressed, stamped envelope, to

Ubuntu Stickers
c/o Ian Beardslee
Catalyst IT
Level 2, Eagle Tech House
150 Willis St

(Persons reading this outside NZ are encouraged to check out System76's sticker distributors page)

Update: thank you for all the letters that came in requesting stickers...

Ubuntu sticker request letters (small pic)

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6 Responses to “Free Ubuntu stickers for NZers”

  1. Dean says:

    hey there... just stumbled across this, still got some left? I will need something to replace the mark that will be left when I peel off my Windows Vista Basic sticker on my new laptop.

    Having a sticker stating the laptop is powerful enough to run the watered down Basic version seems a little wrong in any case.. πŸ˜‰

  2. t94xr says:

    Craig, how much does a roll cost, I'll buy one thru you if possible? πŸ™‚

  3. [...] while ago I offered free Ubuntu stickers to anyone who sent me a self-addressed, stamped [...]

  4. Felix says:

    Have you still got some left, cause if you do I'll send you a bright message and envelope!

  5. Craig says:

    Sure do. I'll let you all know when I don't in the post. (I will be leaving NZ in a month so you will have to talk to someone else at that point).

  6. frup says:

    There's a very large wall on a certain building near Fanshaw st in Auckland looking very lonely without many Ubuntu stickers on it :(... I don't think they would be too happy but it might send the message that we do not need their stickers on our products :P. I know its childish but it is so tempting.

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