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Planet NZTech

Planet NZTech has received a facelift recently. As well as a new design, seems that the behind-the-scenes stuff has all been fixed, including the last of the unicode problems (I hope Follower wasn't calling me uncultured. I'll get him back by pointing out that his post was syndicated from his blog to Advogato, and from Advogato to the Planet, so appeared twice in a row!)

Other than the layout, the biggest change is the de-emphasising of who wrote what. It's an interesting concept, probably based around the idea of a magazine that has a single focus, and multiple people writing to that focus. In this case, I think people write for their own purposes (I still don't know what mine is, so I should stop doing it) and it's a bit confusing having everything anonymised. Plus, you don't get to have cool heads. But it's not wrong, it's different.

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  1. Phil says:


    1) Rest assured, the personal slight was entirely intentional--I mean, unintentional and the description "uncultured" was not intended to cast doubt on your character.

    2) You seem to consider my double-posting on Planet NZTech as an error--rather, it's a case of my posts being so good that people deserve to see them twice. Well, that, and the fact I hadn't had a chance to action this todo found today in the configuration file:

    #TODO: Remove this when rancidbacon replicates correctly

    3) I've had mixed response to the author de-emphasis--I don't really think it counts as "anonymous", as the author is still listed in the "byline" beneath the post headline. My main motivation was to highlight the headlines more as it was those that gave more guidance as to individual post content. As an easter egg, the original author banners are actually still on the page just hidden by way of CSS--I have contemplated making it "unhidable" if I get around to it, but you could always beat me to it.

    4) I've never overly liked Hackergotchis but I understand the benefits from having them. A matter of personal taste I guess. For the moment I'll avoid the extra work. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your feedback and support of Planet NZTech.

    (It's not really necessary to point out cheek-placed tongues is it? πŸ™‚ )

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