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Album distribution

Guess what year that acquiring music from the Internet really came into its own...

MP3 album distribution

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2 Responses to “Album distribution”

  1. Aaron says:

    In one word, 'Napster'

    However, FTP was initially the way I obtained MP3s. Hosts would post logon details and would set an upload:download ratio, usually something like 3:1. A win-win for the person hosting the files!

  2. Craig says:

    Napster wasn't the answer. Napster was great for bad rips of single songs, but for people who like their entire album encoded by the same person at the same time, FTP sites were definitely the way to go.

    ITMS takes the fun out of it really. When they make it easier to pay than to copy, people will pay. It's the McDonalds principle - make the easiest way the right way, and people will do it the right way!

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