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Cool shit for cheap. Support a good cause!

Note: this stuff is all sold.

Today's cool shit you can get for cheap:

  • IBM X220 4U tower server
  • IBM X232 5U tower server
  • IBM X346 2U rack server w/Windows 2000 SBS
  • IBM X300 1U rackmount server
  • IBM X225 4U rackmount server
  • Compaq Proliant ML350 G3 w/Windows 2000 SBS
  • IBM X200 4U rackmount server
  • 3Com OfficeConnect VPN Firewall
  • Cisco C1912 Catalyst 1U Rack 24x10Mbit/2x100Mbit
  • Farallon Ether10-T Starlet/16 Rackmount Hub
  • HP LaserJet 1000
  • Pleaides USB 2.0 / LAN disk enclosure

FoamyEspecially cool is the G3 server, which has its hard drives packed like this.

This should be the last run of servers we sell before I leave IT Partners. Also, be warned that the X200 is my personal machine, and the more you bid on it, the more money I can put on the bar at my leaving party!

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