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C#: How to tell if an IIS metabase property is inherited

How can you tell, using managed code, if an IIS metabase property is inherited?

Scenario: I am using System.DirectoryServices to manage the IIS configuration (known as the "metabase", and stored in an XML file). I want to remove a property on a metabase node, but only if it is explicitly set here. This allows me to inherit the correct value from up the tree.

First attempt:

if (dirEntry.Properties["AnonymousUserName"].Count > 0) {
    Console.WriteLine("Log: Local value found for AnonymousUserName, removing");

My assumption was that this would remove the entry the first time, if it exists, and ignore it every time afterwards. However, every time it runs, Count is 1 and the property appears set.

It turns out that the Properties method on a DirectoryEntry object shows all the properties, including ones that are set on parent items in the tree.

How can we see only items that are defined on this particular node? This problem shows up all over the Internet with no solution. However, Microsoft's David Wang isn't one to leave a newsgroup question unanswered:

Never tried it in .Net, but with ADSI you can determine this.
Set objNode = GetObject( "IIS://foo/W3SVC" & "/" & "AppPools/AnAppPool" )
Set objNodeAttribute = objNode.GetPropertyAttribObj( "WamUserName" )
If ( objNodeAttribute.IsInherit = true ) Then
End If

I just needed a way to run GetPropertyAttribObj from C#, which was a much easier problem to solve. There were only a couple of relevant hits, the best one being some abandoned Pastebin code in Google's cache.

We now have an answer:

/// <summary>
/// Establish if a metabase property is set explicitly on this node.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="iisNode">Metabase node</param>
/// <param name="propertyName">Property name</param>
/// <returns>True if the property is defined on this node explicitly; false if the property is not defined at all, or is inherited.</returns>
private static bool PropertyDefinedExplicitly(DirectoryEntry iisNode, String propertyName)

    // check 1. this node has a valid key-type, and 2. it contains the required property
    if (iisNode.Properties.Contains("KeyType") &&
    iisNode.Properties["KeyType"].Value.ToString().Length > 0 &&

        // call ADSI GetPropertyAttribObject method directly
        Object propertyAttributes = iisNode.Invoke("GetPropertyAttribObj",
        new String[] { propertyName });
        IISOle.IISPropertyAttribute attributes =

        // Isinherit will be set if the property is inherited
        if (attributes.Isinherit)
            return false; // property was inherited
            return true; // property explicitly defined on this node

        return false; // not a valid IIsObject node, or property not found

We then rewrite the original function like so:

if (PropertyDefinedExplicitly(dirEntry, "AnonymousUserName")) {
    Console.WriteLine("Log: Local value found for AnonymousUserName, removing");

There is a lesson to learn here for Windows programmers: Microsoft support is in the newsgroups. Don't fear Usenet because it's older than you are!

With useful tips like this, I'll win the NZ .NET blog of the year for sure!

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