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Parsing quotes in cmd.exe

The Microsoft world can be horribly inconsistent. Take escaping a quote character:

  • "" in VB and SQL Server
  • \" in C++/C#
  • Unless you use a @ symbol first, in which case you have to use "" as \ won't be interpreted as an escape character

It never seemed at all you could escape characters on a command line. Until, of course, you go to do something like this:

rem xcopy is old, let's not use it any more
rem the backslash on the end of bar tells xcopy
rem that it's a directory, not a file, it's copying to
rem xcopy /e "C:\foo\" "C:\bar\"
robocopy "C:\foo" "C:\bar\" /e /x "Extra Options"

Whereupon the much newer program parses the output as follows:

destination=C:\bar" /e /x "Extra Options"

This is a problem with anything that uses the .NET framework also. Watch your trailing slashes!

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