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Niagara Falls

Winter really isn't the time to visit, although I was advised it was worthwhile because you'd still see the mist.  It takes a fairly long and determined walk to get to it from the car park.

Niagara Falls - In The Dark

The shiny building is in the US of A, who really got shafted by the river.  The falls can really only be seen from the Canadian side.

Retrospectively, it might have been a bad weekend to go...


I believe this used to be a thriving butterfly conservatory. Not today.

Oh well. We had a nice stay at the Sheraton Fallsview (with a great view of the mist) and can tick it off the list until summer, where it will require renewed attention.

We also stopped off at the thriving metropolis of Hamilton, Ontario, on the (very slow) drive home. This is the central mall on the Sunday afternoon - but I guess you can expect it to be quiet. After all, it's only 9 days until Christmas...

Hamilton, a mecca of industry.


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